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Refreshing Repertoire:

When interest begins to wane sometimes this would be the time to introduce some fun pieces. Here are some books that are very popular and seem to do the trick:

I wish there were books like Martha Mier's, "Jazz, Rags & Blues"

books when I was taking piano lessons. What a gem this was when

I found it.  There is a wonderful variety of pieces and I would safely

say that every single solitary piece in this book is a winner. Students

are generally ready for this book when they have gotten to the end of

the second Green Leilah Fletcher Book 2.

These are always popular pieces to perform at the recitals. Don't delay and get your copy today.  Songs Include:

• Casper the Friendly Ghost

• Do-Re-Mi
• Edelweiss
• I'm Late
• I'm Popeye the Sailor Man
• It's a Small World
• Mickey Mouse March
• My Heart Will Go On
• Peter Cottontail
• Puff the Magic Dragon
• Rubber Duckie


Songs Include:
• Be Our Guest
• Beauty and the Beast
• Can You Feel the Love Tonight
• My Favorite Things
• Part of Your World
• Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
• The Bare Necessities
• The Grouch Song
• The Rainbow Connection
• Tomorrow
• What a Wonderful World
• Won't You Be My Neighbor?


Songs Include:
• A Whole New World
• Colors of the Wind
• Cruella De Vil
• Heart and Soul
• I Just Can't Wait to Be King
• Memory
• My Heart Will Go On
• Nadia's Theme
• Rockin' Robin
• The Sound of Music
• The Unbirthday Song


Songs Include:
• Axel F
• Beauty and the Beast
• Can You Feel the Love Tonight
• Chim Chim Cher-ee
• It's a Hard-Knock Life
• Mission: Impossible Theme
• The Addams Family Theme
• Think of Me
• This is the Moment
• Under the Sea
• Yesterday

Students can begin playing Book one, in this series, early in the Orange Leilah Fletcher Book 1.
Mission Impossible in the Level 4 book, counts as a study substitution in a
Grade 3 RCM piano exam.

Where to buy music books:

SRC Music in Carleton Place seems to be well stocked with most of the standard books for lessons at my studio. They are located at 124 Moore street, in Carleton Place and their phone number is: (613) 253-0263

For students of a higher grade level who are looking for more specific books in higher grade levels. The Leading Note in Ottawa, at 370 Elgin Street seem to be pretty well stocked. I find having them mail me the specific books is less expensive than the gas and time it costs to drive in. Their phone number is: (613)-569-7888

As far as Granata Music is concerned. Shop at your own risk. I find that standard books are a few dollars more expensive at this store but more than often, I find books double the price than at stores such as International Musicland. Granata Music has an awesome selection of music though and chances are they will have what you are looking for, if you're willing to pay the price.

International Musicland has a good selection of music at a very reasonable price. They are located at 3161 Strandherd Dr., and their phone number is : (613) 823-8340

Rob's music loft is another place that has a good variety of popular music at reasonable prices. They are located at 279 Richmond Rd.,and their phone number is: (613)-722-1194

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