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Piano Tuner

As many of you know, after my favourite piano tuner, Dale Davidson, passed away, I had a very difficult time settling with a new piano tuner. I will caution you that there is one tuner in the Lanark County region, that is operating, with questionable ethics. Grant Pattingale is a tuner that I haved come to know, love and trust. I highly recommend him for all your piano needs. He is a member of the Piano Technicians Guild and is located in Smith Falls. I have taken the liberty of reproducing some information you may find useful about his services, from his website.

In 1981 Grant Pattingale was certified as a Craftsman member of the Piano Technicians Guild. In the spring of 1992, he moved to Smiths Falls and set up his business selling and servicing pianos. His business includes tuning all types of pianos, as well as rebuilding and restoring older instruments. New piano brands include Young Chang and Bergmann.


He believes that, first of all, it is extremely important to identify the needs of the customer, then look for the best way to meet those needs. Usually, a well maintained piano will only need regular tuning, with periodic additional regulation.

If there is a situation where the instrument is not serving adequately, he will make recommendations. As a technician he might advise upgrading an existing instrument, if that is the most cost effective way to meet the customer’s requirements. If purchasing a new or rebuilt piano, it is important to determine the way the piano will be used, to determine which instrument would best suit the situation.

The service area extends from Brockville to Pakenham and West Port to Kemptville and Ottawa. The piano tuning fee is competitive with local rates and there is not any mileage fee unless the distance exceeds the usual service area.

If you are looking to purchase a piano privately, he can evaluate the piano to see if it will meet your musical requirements.

For any further information call 613-284-8333 or

1-877-PIANO4U (1-877-742-6648) or

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