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Piano Tuner

After my favourite piano tuner, Dale Davidson, passed away, I had a very difficult time settling with a new piano tuner. I did settle with Grant Pattingale but he has since retired out in British Colombia.  I will caution you that there is one tuner in the Lanark County region, that is operating, with questionable ethics.

This past spring (2023) I found Christine Admiral on FaceBook,
She was a piano teacher in the Ottawa area and has been
tuning her own studio pianos for about 20 years. 
She is currently apprenticing under an experienced
Piano Tuner based in Peterborough and I have found her
rates to be very reasonable.  I have had her over to tune
my pianos twice and have been pleased with the
results.  I have been recommending her to my piano
students ever since, while requesting their feedback so
I can be sure she is the tuner for me.   I was delighted 
to receive this feedback from an adult piano student who
is at the Grade 8 Piano level:  

          "Christine Admiral did a wonderful job on my piano. 
                 She is the best tuner I have had so far. 
                       It now sounds so much better."

You can contact her through FB pm like I do or email her at:

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