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Q: How much time should I practise?
A: A suggested amount of time for a beginner is twenty minutes a day. This can be broken up into two practises throughout the day. It is recommended to practise for six days in the week and take one day off in the week. Please note that your lesson does not count as a practise.

When you graduate from the Orange Bk 1 Leilah Fletcher piano book and are promoted into the Green Bk 2 LF piano book, increase practise time an extra five minutes per day.
Likewise, when you graduate into Grade One Conservatory, increase the practise time by five minutes a day and add an extra five minutes each grade you graduate into:
Grade One students should be practising a half an hour a day with 5 - 7 minutes being devoted to technique. Scale practise should be increased gradually with each Grade.
Grade Two students should be practising 35 minutes.
Grade Three students 40 minutes.
Grade Four students 45 minutes.
Grade Five students 50 minutes.
Grade Six students an hour.
Grade Seven an hour and fifteen minutes.
Grade Eight students should be practising an hour and a half with a half an hour devoted to technique.


Q: What if I miss my piano lesson ?
A: If 24 hours notice is given, a make up will typically be rescheduled during day hours. Generally, there is a maximum of two makeups per year. Missed lessons, except in cases of prolonged serious illness, are to be paid for. In the event of the teacher's absence appropriate adjustment will be made.

Please remember that missed lessons hinder progress. A child who has not been able to practice needs a lesson more than ever, to re inspire him/her and to help correct mistakes and avoid new ones.


Q: Can I do an RCM examination?
A: Absolutely. Cynthia usually recommends doing an exam by Grade 3 or 4. If you have completed the required amount of work for that grade level by the application deadline, you generally are ready to do a piano exam. Please make sure your scales are up to tempo. Technique is the examiners first impression they have of a student. If you start off your exam with poor technique, you have to work that much harder to impress the examiner.

Sometimes figuring out the best time to do an exam is quite tricky. Cynthia does not want push a student into an exam situation before they are ready and also does not want to hold a student up in a Grade for too long. Timing is of the essence and we will try to discern the best time to do an exam.


Q: Do I have to play in the piano recital?:
A: NO, you do not have to play in the piano recital. Piano recitals are not compulsory. A decision as to whether or not you will be playing is reached in consultation with the student, parent and teacher.


Q: Why do I pay the same amount if there is one lesson in a month?
A: The teaching year is based on an average of 35 lessons over a 10 month period. Some months may only contain one lesson while others may have up to 5 lessons.

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