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Cynthia was born in Montreal and took her first piano lessons with Mrs. Reid in Chateauguay, Quebec. When she was 12, her family was transferred to Ottawa, where she studied with Mrs. Patricia Grimes, who had a profound influence on her teaching as a vocation. In Ottawa, she competed many times in the Kiwanis Festival.

After studying piano in high school, Cynthia received her ARCT teaching certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto in 1984. She went on to study music at Carleton University and graduated in 1987, with her Diploma in Music, which included a half hour performance, from memory, of a wide range of composers. She's not sure why, but she continued studying music at Carleton University completing a double major in Music/Psychology, and graduated on June 11th, 1992.  

Cynthia has been a piano teacher for thirty years now and can't imagine doing anything other than teaching piano. She loves teaching ALL students of all capabilities and ages, who are ready to learn.


Cynthia once received a beautiful card from a student she only taught for one year.  This student went on to study music in University.  Here is a snippet from this letter:


     "Thank you so much for teaching me piano lessons! It was such a blessing to have you as a teacher!  

For 2 years I sat at the same level of piano, and then, upon starting up lessons with you, I accomplished       things that I had dared not think were possible! And I seriously believe that I wouldn't have done the progress I did, if I'd had a different teacher!"  :o)


Lorien had come to Cynthia and was playing beautifully at a Grade 8 level but had never done any scale work. Lorien wanted to do her Gd. 8 exam in June and Cynthia was not hopeful this was possible, due to the inadequate emphasis on technique, but never wants to underestimate the abilities of her students. Lorien rose to the occaision and received First Class Honours on her Grade 8 piano exam.  She also completed her Grade 2 Rudiments exam in one year, which is no small feat either. What are you going to accomplish once you put your mind to it?



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